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Hello!  I’m Kazuko Okada, and I live in Sapporo, Japan.


I’ve been working as a registered dietitian in Japan for more than 30 years, during which time I have also been teaching Japanese cooking.  


I love to eat, but I have still managed to stay healthy and continue working all these years — I think that’s because I have always taken care of my health and the food I eat every day.


I am grateful to have been born in Japan, where we are blessed with an abundance of food.  We have everything we need to cook any kind of cuisine, and can easily enjoy foods from across the world.


My hobby is traveling, and I often visit other countries. But my travels always leave me with the impression that the meals served in other countries tend to be nutritionally unbalanced.


More and more people around the world are starting to take note of the fact that we Japanese live a long time, and that this is largely thanks to our balanced diet.


Over the years, I have developed a passion for sharing the beauty and healthfulness of Japanese food with the world.


Through our web magazine, we’ll share with you the basics of healthy eating the Japanese way, and give you easy recipes straight from the kitchen of a Japanese family that include familiar ingredients available at a store near you.


Eat naturally, Get healthy!


Kazuko Okada

April, 2016

What the tags mean

450 kcal or less for a main course ; 

150 kcal or less for a starter, drink or dessert

12g or less per portion

Free from meat, poultry, fish and ingredients

derived from animals.

Free from cereals containing gluten


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