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Sweet Potatoes - "Satsuma Imo"

A rich source of Vitamin C

Come fall, many different varieties of sweet potato ("Satsuma Imo" in Japanese) start to appear on the market shelves.

We Japanese adore this sweet tuber. It’s delicious on its own — just steamed or baked — and thanks to its succulent, chestnut-like texture, it also works great combined with other foods or even added to desserts.

Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin C. And unlike vitamin C from other sources, which can get broken down and lost when heated or exposed to water, the vitamin C in potatoes is stable, meaning that it doesn’t get destroyed in the cooking process and is easy for the body to absorb.

Help prevent aging

What’s more, sweet potatoes are known to help prevent wrinkles and age spots and reduce blood pressure thanks to their strong reserves of vitamin B1, vitamin E and potassium. And they are crammed with dietary fiber, helping to prevent constipation and hardening of the arteries.

Sweet potatoes are a carbohydrate, so try combining them with meat or another protein source for a well-balanced meal.

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