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Mackerel - Improves Blood Circulation

This blue fish is a nutritional treasure-trove!

Mackerel is a blue fish that is loved worldwide, and it also happens to be a veritable treasure-trove of essential nutrients.

It is of course very popular in Japan too, where we enjoy it all kinds of ways, whether as sushi or sashimi, grilled or simmered.

Just remember that mackerel can go off quickly, so be sure to prepare it while it’s still fresh.

Packed with the health-friendly fat Omega-3

Mackerel is high in fat, but the good kind! It is a particularly good source of Omega-3 fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids DHA and EPA.

Given our obsession with meat-eating and fast food, the average person today is known to be extremely deficient in Omega-3. But we are missing out on something vital to our health.

Unlike other fats, Omega-3s promote fat metabolism and improve blood circulation (fundamental to good health!).

They also prevent high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries, strengthen liver function, and improve skin texture by supporting skin regeneration.

As if that weren’t enough, Omega-3 fatty acids even lower bad cholesterol and inhibit cancer cell proliferation. All in all, they really have earned their reputation as the “good” kind of fat!

Supports the brain and keeps you young!

Mackerel also contains DHA, which helps maintain the nervous system and physical development, and is effective for preventing diseases like depression, dementia and autonomic dysfunction.

And mackerel also boasts a selection of health and youth-enhancing vitamins, including vitamin B (which supports cell regeneration) and vitamin D.

There are very few foods that do so much for our health, so please do try making this fish part of your regular diet. Just remember that mackerel is high in calories, so it’s best not to eat too much at once!

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