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Rice - Gluten-free Carbohydrate

Japan’s gluten-free go-to carbohydrate!

We Japanese get most of our carbohydrate intake from rice. In fact, on average, we eat between 150 and 200 grams of it at every meal.

The Japanese diet has recently become more westernized, with more and more people enjoying western staples like bread and pasta, but there are still many of us for whom a meal is not a meal without a bowl of rice.

Rice is a particularly good source of carbs for anyone who has a wheat allergy or who is on a gluten-free diet.

And in Japan, where rice has been the core of our diet since ancient times, there are a huge host of rice-based recipes to choose from.

Carbs fuel our body and brain

Carbohydrates are quickly converted into energy in the body, which is why athletes often eat carb-heavy meals on the day of competition.

And everyone knows that eating something sweet on an empty stomach will give you a burst of energy.

In addition to our bodies, our brains also rely on carbs for their energy, so carb intake is essential when you are doing a lot of mental work.

People who are concerned about their weight tend to avoid carbs because they think that they are fattening, but remember that they actually play an essential role in our bodies and that we should all make sure to eat as much as we need.

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