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Okara - A Tofu Byproduct, Rediscovered

Tofu and soy milk factory scraps are actually a nutritional champion!

Okara is the pulp that is left over when soy beans are filtered to make the soy milk that goes into tofu. That might not sound like much, but it is actually superb for the health!

In the Tokyo region okara is also known as u-no-hana (literally, flower of the bridal wreath plant).

Japanese tofu makers used to throw it out, but recently okara’s nutritional value has been reappraised and it is growing in popularity. It is apparently even being studied as a potentially powerful biofuel material.

Having said that, given its dry texture, okara needs to be prepared with oil to make it palatable.

Can Okara make you smarter?

Okara is the ideal addition to a healthy diet!

In fact, it has more or less the same nutritional profile as its parent the soybean, meaning that it contains a good balance of amino acids, and also has plenty of dietary fiber, helping to lower cholesterol.

What’s more, okara is packed with lecithin and choline, which help to improve the memory. Eat it everyday and you might just end up smarter!

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