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Secrets of Salmon

The beautifying fish that is loved all over the world

Salmon is popular and readily available almost everywhere in the world. After all, who can resist this delicately colored, succulent fish?

Needless to say, salmon is very popular in Japan too. In fact, my native region of Hokkaido is famous for its delicious salmon.

Salmon is rich in high quality protein. It is a great source of EPA and DHA fatty acids (particularly in the skin), vitamin B and vitamin D, and helps to lower cholesterol.

Stay young and beautiful!

EPA/DHA fatty acids promote good memory, prevent hardening of the arteries, and help ward off diabetes and other lifestyle-related diseases.

Salmon also contains something called astaxanthin, which helps the body eliminate active oxygen.

Active oxygen ages cells due to its extreme acidity, and is produced by intense exercise, stress and irregular eating habits.

The astaxanthin in salmon helps to keep cells young and keep skin looking beautiful by supporting the elimination of active oxygen.

So salmon is a great addition to your diet if you want to stay young and beautiful!

I’ll now share with you some simple and healthy salmon recipes that also happen to be low in fat. Baked salmon is a classic dish from my native Hokkaido, where it also goes by the name "Chanchanyaki".

Please give them a try! They’ll make great additions to your repertoire!

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