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Harusame (lit. “Spring Rain”) - Asia’s Gluten Free Noodle!

The noodle of choice in Zen cooking

Harusame noodles are an Asian type of gluten free noodle made from potatoes, sweet potatoes, or mung beans.

Originally from China, they also made it to Japan where they were once used as an ingredient in Zen cooking.

With fewer calories than wheat noodles, harusame have recently been popular in Japan as a diet food.

They come dried in thin strands and need to boiled before eating. And since they are dried, they are easy to stock up on and grab anytime!

A filling and mineral-packed diet food

Harusame noodles are a rich source of minerals which help to regulate body functions, including magnesium, which works with calcium to build bones, and potassium, which regulates blood pressure by balancing out sodium in the cells.

And they also provide a reasonable dose of carbohydrates, so they leave you feeling full. Dieters often try to cut out carbs, but carbs actually feed the brain, so not getting enough can dull brain function and leave you feeling mentally drained.

That’s why filling harusame noodles are a great choice for dieters!

Better still, try mung bean harusame

Harusame noodles made from mung beans have an advantage over their starch-based cousins.

Mung beans have traditionally been used in China for their medicinal properties, and are known to have a diuretic effect and and help relieve swelling.

There are lots of different ways to prepare harusame, so please do give them a try. Your body will thank you for it!

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