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Honey — Healthy, Guilt-Free Sweetness

Sweetness without the guilt!

Packed with goodness, honey makes you beautiful inside and out!

You might worry about what indulging in this sweet treat will do to your waistline, but don’t fear: since honey is quickly absorbed from the digestive tract and converted into energy, it doesn’t get stored as fat.

Tasty and wholesome, honey is made up mostly of sugars, but it provides a lot of other valuable nutrients too.

Helps you look and feel your best

Honey is an alkaline food, and contains as many as 10 different kinds of vitamins, including vitamin C, as well as the minerals, like potassium and iron, which we need to make them work efficiently.

What’s more, the gluconic acid in honey promotes the growth of good intestinal bacteria like Bifidobacterium, making it good for the gut and for relieving conditions like constipation.

So besides being delicious to eat, honey is also a great diet food which can help lower blood pressure, relieve fatigue, keep the organs young, and keep you looking great!

All things considered, honey is a fantastic substitute for anyone trying to cut back on sugar.

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