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The Anti-Diabetes Diet - (1) Introduction

Diabetes: a global crisis

Diabetes, which affects more than 400 million people worldwide, is a challenge faced by every society on earth.

How did this happen? Look around and the answer is plain to see. Public transport is better than ever, technology has taken over the housework, and more and more of our working hours are spent behind a desk.

In short, we simply aren't moving as much as we used to. Add huge quantities of poor quality food, and you have the perfect breeding ground for conditions like obesity and diabetes.

In this series of articles, I will explore the important question of how we can use diet to combat the diabetes epidemic.

Eating to prevent diabetes and lose weight

For many years I worked as a nutritionist in Japan advising people on how to improve their diets. Clients who followed my advice to the letter got great results.

One woman I worked with recently had particular success: by sticking strictly to my recommendations she managed to get her levels of hemoglobin A1c and fasting blood sugar back within the normal range.

Do you want to prevent or find relief from diabetes? Or perhaps you just want to lose a little weight? Read on! The so-called "diabetes diet" is actually just a healthy eating plan for anyone who wants to slim down and live a longer and fuller life!

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