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The Anti-Diabetes Diet - (2) Breaking Bad Habits

Food as medicine

Diabetes can be tackled on three fronts: diet, exercise and drugs. In these articles I will focus on diet, my own area of expertise.

The right eating habits can prevent diabetes or even stop it in its tracks, and are the secret to a long and healthy life.

So let’s start by taking a good look at your current eating habits.

6-point dietary checklist

Go through the checklist below. Which one habit is doing the most harm to your health? That's where you need to start making changes.

You might notice more than one bad habit, but don't go changing everything at once. You'll have more success if you work on one habit at a time.

Keep chipping away at those bad habits, and you’ll eventually reach your ideal diet. The important thing is to start!

1. Do you eat 3 meals a day?

(Never skip meals.)

2. Do you eat at the same times every day?

(Try to eat more or less on schedule.)

3. Do you eat big dinners late at night?

(Eating a lot of calories late at night wreaks havoc with your health!)

4. Do you snack a lot (for example, on sweets or fruit)?

(Women are more likely to answer yes to this one.)

5. Do you drink a lot of alcohol?

(Your drinking habits might be doing you harm.)

6. Do you eat out a lot?

(Restaurants serve bigger portions of higher calorie food.)  

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