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Akane Yaki Grilled Salmon (Video)

Simple grilled salmon with ketchup and soysauce

Ingredients (serves 4)

4 portions of salmon fillet

2 green peppers (cut into rings)

4 fresh shiitake (or shimeji mushrooms)

2 tbsp butter

(For the sauce)

1 tbsp tomato ketchup

1 tbsp soy sauce

1/2 tbsp honey

1.5 tbsp sake or white wine


1. Heat a frying pan and add half the butter. Quickly saute the green peppers and set them aside.

2. In the same frying pan, fry the portions of salmon fillet until they are light brown. Then cook the shiitake mushrooms for about 15 minutes over a low flame.

3. Place all the ingredients for the sauce together in a bowl and mix well.

4. Pour in the sauce, circling slowly from the outside edge in.

5. Return the green peppers to the pan and make sure that everything is coated in the sauce.

Nutritional value

(Per serving)

• 216 kcal

• 28.0 protein

• 8.1g fat

• 22mg calcium

• 1.3g dietary fiber

• 1.1g salt

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