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Chicken - The Popular Meat

Healthy Japanese food

The world’s favorite meat!

Chicken is enjoyed the world over. Cheap, readily available, and free from any religious taboos, it is a versatile protein source for much of the world’s population.

Dishes like fried chicken are a fixture on the Japanese dinner table, and we have plenty of other ways to prepare it too, including marinated tenderloin and stewed or spit-roasted chicken leg.

Yakitori — chicken barbequed on skewers — is hugely popular in Japan, and Yakitori restaurants can be found on practically every corner.

Yakitori comes seasoned with either salt or a special sauce, and is usually grilled over a charcoal barbeque.

As for the cut, you can choose from a huge variety including such delicacies as chicken skin and cartilage!

Packed with beautifying vitamins and collagen

The outstanding nutrient in chicken is protein, which is essential for human life. But the nutritional profile varies a lot depending on the cut: tenderloin and chicken breast are low calorie options, whereas chicken thigh is higher in calories but also more flavorful.

And chicken also contains vitamins such as vitamin B2 (needed for transforming sugar and fat into energy) and vitamin B12 (great against anemia).

What’s more, chicken is great for regulating hormonal balance, and is also a fantastic source of collagen, which helps maintain youthful skin and glossy hair.

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