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Kinako Drinks

Just add it to milk for a healthy drink!

Kinako stores well and is an easy addition to your diet, but given its rough texture it tastes best mixed with liquids like milk, yoghurt or soy milk. Add honey to make your drink even more tasty and nutritious!

Kinako milk or soy milk (serves 1)

1 cup milk or soy milk 2 tbsp kinako 1 tbsp honey

Kinako yoghurt (serves 1)

1/2 cup milk 1/2 cup yoghurt 2 tbsp kinako 1/2 tbsp honey

Nutritional value

(With milk, per serving)

• 302 kcal

• 13.6g protein

• 12.8g fat

• 304mg calcium

• 2.7g dietary fiber

• 0.2g salt

(With soy milk, per serving)

• 251 kcal

• 14.3g protein

• 2.5g fat

• 76mg calcium

• 3.2g dietary fiber

• 0g salt

(With yoghurt, per serving)

• 251 kcal

• 11.1g protein

• 10.1g fat

• 296mg calcium

• 1.4g dietary fiber

• 0.2g salt

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